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are we ready to make it official and pop the bubbly?

Hi! I'm Alexandra Robyn, but you can call me Allie. I am a Fine Art Wedding and Milestone Photographer based in Minneapolis.

My team and I are honored to be your photographer, and cannot wait for your approaching Wedding Day! Hopefully this helps you get to know me and my team a little better and answer any lingering questions.

But hey, if you have any questions, you know I'm always a phone call away! Let's set up a call - hello@alexandrarobyn.com XOXO!


Hi, there!

Our first step is to set up a consultation call. It's important that both you and your partner are on this call so we can make sure that we are a great fit for one another. 

Typically, I book about a year or more in advance, but can book anywhere from 6-months to 2-years in advance! So, I am genuinely thrilled to be available for your date and to have the opportunity to chat more on this call. 

But don't worry, this is an informal chat where you get to lead the questions and I get to share more about my style! I love to combine emotion with candid. So you will see in all of my photos a lot of heart and soul behind them. 

This is also a great time for us to talk about what you want your day to feel like - emotionally charged, laid-back and candid, or maybe light-hearted. We calibrate our style for the day you imagine. 

The Planning Consultation

Our First STep

We can schedule our date on Wednesday Nights around 5:30 - or a phone call if you prefer. Otherwise 12:00 on Wednesday for a cup of coffee over your lunch break. 

Places I love - Tap Society, BRIM, or Black Walnut Bakery (the best croissants in the cities).

First, we just enjoy our glass of wine or beer, or cup of coffee. Then we can talk more about your wedding day and engagement session. The best engagement sessions are ones that feel completely you.

Check out some resources we can talk through:
Create the Perfect Wedding Timeline, My Complete Engagement Guide, Pinterest Board, What to Wear for your Engagement Session, + more

Our get-to-know-you date

Planning Date Night

Wedding Photo + so much more

Work with Us

Love what you See?

I am happy to share that you own the rights to all of your photos! Meaning you can print wherever you like - and I am happy to even recommend a few options. 

They will be delivered via web gallery for you to download as soon as I've put the final touches on them. But your favorite images will be also in an additional mobile app! This way when a co-worker asks if they can see your dress or that beautiful wedding cake, you don't have to email yourself a photo, which you save to your camera roll, and then have to scroll to find the rather large file-sized image hiding on your phone.

because it's all in those tiny details

About your wedding photos

At first you might feel sort of awkward being in front of the camera. Everyone thinks this, but I promise you’ll find that by the end of the engagement session, it’s a lot easier than you thought. And probably will find you even had a whole lot of fun. Because the truth is, we all are a little awkward, but don't worry - I have a few tricks.

I have specifically worked with a relationship counselor to develop intimacy games and a directing style that will have you feeling completely natural. I want you to leave our session with just one more reminder of why you love your partner and are getting married. 

My awkwards

A Note to


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From the moment we connect, it’s my goal to make you completely comfortable. I know just where to take you, how to plan your day, and will surround you with the kind of energy that makes you actually excited to be in front of the camera. 

What's unique to my craft is the focus on small details to tell the complete story of your love. From your newborn's tiny toes to the way your grandmother's eyes well with tears when she sees you walk down the aisle - no detail is too small.


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Rehearsal Dinner Coverage is a wonderful add-on. A lot of heartfelt speeches and moments happen during this dinner - which is why I offer it!

Late Night Coverage is perfect for my Party Animals or if you are doing any fun Late Night Bites, Games, or Wardrobe Changes.

Sunday Brunch Send-offs often have the best Candids and laughs from the night before.

Accommodations are needed if we exceed a distance of 65 miles outside of my Home-base. After a long day, it can be difficult to drive home and for our safety, we ask for an accommodation allowance of $250. 

The Cinderella Rule was also created for this reason! We ask that our coverage ends with enough time for us to drive home by 10:30 pm. Often this naturally happens, but if we have Late Night Coverage, we ask for accommodations for the evening.

The first 45 Miles of travel are on us! Anything greater than 45 miles is $0.65/mile.

We love to be part of your day and consider you family! We ask to be seated at a table so that we can still catch some of your kisses or candid moments during dinner. Another random thing about me is your girl loves to eat. Partially because I have hypoglycemia, but also I just love food. Don't forget to include us in any snack plans or your dinner count! 

Fine Art WEDDING + Milestone Photography

Travel Info + Additional Coverage

Travel info

Something really unique to my team is each member is actually trained by me, including second shooters. I feel that it is super important for a second shooter to actually be mentored by me and trained in my style. This means my second shooter team and associate team members know how it like to facilitate moments and direct. 

Logistically, it is amazing to split up in the morning to cover the getting ready photos separately or have the time to focus on your details while my team member photographs getting ready moments. It's also a great way to ensure a tight 8-hour timeline has everything photographed.

But my real favorite reason is because my team members are able to direct similar to me. Meaning while I am positioned down the aisle ready for you to walk into your ceremony, my team member can hang back with you and whoever is giving you away. She might facilitate a moment by asking them to think back to this morning and the first time they got to see their baby girl in her dress - how that feels to be giving her away and how wonderful her soon-to-be really is. 9/10 times it gets a great hug and a few happy tears.

A NOTE ON Second Shooters

The Photo Team

As a wedding photographer in Minneapolis, you can bet I know all the local photo spots. But I promise to be so much more than any other Minneapolis Wedding Photographer.

My Promise to You - when you book with me, I promise to be so much more than "just" your photographer. I'm the best third-wheel to have on your big day, ready to serve you and promise to make your day completely stress-free.

Reach out to see how my team and I can make your day hopelessly romantic.

to you both

My Promise


It's Time to celebrate

We like to always prepare as much as possible so that wedding days can be stress-free and one that you can enjoy to the fullest. That said, should any questions or hiccups arise, know that we have your back!

We are here ready to serve and help in any way we can - whether that be running upstairs to get your touchup kit or helping you make bigger day of decisions like photo locations or even timeline questions. The point is, we want you to relax and that's why we are trained to be so much more than "just" your photographer. 

From getting ready to your first look to saying “I do,” to dancing the night away, your wedding day is as much a story as the relationship that brought you to this point. An heirloom album allows you to re-live that story in a way that is completely unique. Imagine looking through your wedding album together with your family during the holidays, and again on your anniversaries, and maybe even later in life with your children.

Heirloom Albums are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. These Albums are made with the finest materials and engineered with cutting-edge printing techniques to make sure your Heirloom Album is as beautiful 100 years from now as it is today.

If you are wondering where to buy a guest book, look no further! Turn your favorite engagement photos into a guest book for your big day.

cherish your memories for years to come

Memories kept


& Welcome to my Family with a toast

So, let's take the plunge together and make things official. 

Quick thank you for being here. It really is an honor - above any award or publication, to have your trust. You are now part of the family. It's the best part of being a Milestone Photographer! It means I get to be there for your engagement, boudoir, wedding day, maternity, newborn and family photos. 

I get to go through life's milestones alongside you and I couldn't be happier to do so.

so, Let's Raise a glass