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How to Create a Memorable Modern COVID Elopement

black sand beach duluth vow renewal wedding

Dear COVID Weddings,

I know this wasn’t what you planned, but what I have learned is: Love isn’t Canceled. Your Corona wedding day is still your wedding day deserving of all the love and intention the big white wedding would be.

By now, eloping has crossed your mind. What I find so wonderful about an intimate Modern COVID Elopement is the focus on the tiny details. Whether it be a backyard wedding shared amongst your closest loved ones or more private beachside experience, both deserve to be approached with the same love and care as the big white wedding. 

Brides have a really unique opportunity to embrace the intimacy of the day and create an unforgettable experience. If you are the couple who embraces life as it comes, knowing it always turns out for the best, then consider a Modern COVID Elopement this year.

Modern Elopements are truly micro-weddings where the focus is on those little details and your day is curated to truly reflect the couple. Without some of the constraints of a traditional wedding, the Modern COVID Elopement has the freedom to really wow the heart and surprise guests, making for an immersive experience for everyone. 

Our team joined together to help inspire the Corona bride to see their wedding day as an opportunity. The heart and attention to detail are real, thoughtful and something any bride could do. Get whisked away by the romanticism of a Modern COVID Elopement with our Vow Renewal for couple Jojo and Manny.

destination Bride and Groom

The first piece of advice we can give is to Get Thoughtful…

Your Modern COVID Elopement should be a way for you to share who you are as a couple. No detail is too small. Consider the location of your day to be one that is meaningful to you or perhaps a place you can visit for years to come and share. 

For Jojo and Manny, one of their favorite memories was their Honeymoon to Hawaii and the time they spent on The Big Island at Hawaii’s Black Sand Beach. They wanted to share this sun-drenched loving memory with their family and friends and picked Duluth’s Black Sand Beach as the location for their COVID Wedding. 

The Cake was crafted by Hey There Cupcake and was designed to mimic this sandy venue with a crumb coating. It’s the small details like this that really elevate any wedding.

Think about What You Want to Share with Guests… 

Get thoughtful about the experience you want to create. Consider what you want your guests to feel – whether that be a relaxed, laid-back day or an over-the-top one filled with fun. The decor, ceremony set up and reception should tie into this and be on the forefront of your planning. Put extra thought into a wedding favor that will be useful and lasting, but also very purposeful to your day. 

With the feel being more laid-back, the couple chose to do an intimate ceremony, but private reception. When their beloved guests arrived, they were ushered to their seat by the groom to the beach using an umbrella the couple provided each guest. The ceremony itself was filled with laughter and stories of their love as well as their promise to continue to love each other in sickness and in the face of the Coronavirus. 

Before their private reception, the couple invited guests to cut the cake with them and lounge on the beach to enjoy the evening. To Jojo and Manny, they wanted their guests to feel the intimacy of their day while still filling it with as much laughter and warmth as possible.

And finally, don’t forget to See This as an Opportunity for a Completely Unique Day…

This is your day. The resilience and creativity born out of this insane time has me in awe. I truly am astounded by what magic has been created amidst this chaos. You have the freedom to create the day that you want.

For Jojo and Manny, this meant a completely romantic reception alone. Once the cake was cut and the sun began to set, this couple lit the candles of their sweetheart table and enjoyed the company of each other. What better way to socially distance than to have a private dinner just you and your love?

Each of these COVID vendors collaborated with each other and the couple to create a truly memorable wedding experience. Love isn’t Canceled. Our final piece of advice is to create an intimate day like this for your Modern Elopement this year and still plan for your big white wedding next year as a vow renewal. We hope that you will see this as a new way to celebrate weddings!

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