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rain on your wedding day

They say rain on your wedding day is a blessing, but for any couple #blessed with a rainy wedding day, it can feel much more like a curse. Do not despair because rain on your wedding day can actually work in your favor and create a truly beautiful and memorable experience with the right preparation. Here are a few insights from my most recent rainy wedding experience that can help you to prepare for rain on your wedding day.

What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day

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This day is so, so significant in a couple’s life. It’s the day you make a promise to one another that rain or shine, you are going to love each other wholeheartedly. Do not let a little rain ruin the party. My first piece of advice is to embrace the day you have been given. Dresses can be cleaned and hair can be retouched. Make this day memorable for all the right reasons: you are surrounded by your loved ones, about to unite hearts with your significant other and there is a piece of cake waiting for you with your name on it.


If you think there’s even a chance of rain, try to prepare as best as you can. I like to advise my clients to purchase either white or clear rain umbrellas for their photo sessions. There really is nothing like overcast lighting when it comes to capturing wedding photos. The diffused lighting creates a beautifully soft glow and a moody sky that is truly unique. If it isn’t completely downpouring, I like to suggest that we still do some of the wedding party and the couple pictures outdoors because of these amazing elements. You just can’t beat natural light – in any and all forms. So here are a few things you can do to give yourself the option of photographing outside:


White Umbrellas – these are an adorably fun element to add to any session. Just make sure you have enough for each bridesmaid. When you do the full wedding party, the groomsmen and bridesmaids can pair up

Clear Umbrellas – what I love about these is it gives the option of shooting through the umbrella for a really neat look


White Towels – another great tip is to bring a white towel to put underneath your wedding dress to help keep it from getting dirty. Also great to dry off with. Make sure it is a full-body size to fit the train of the dress

Aftermath Care

Hairspray – it goes without saying, but make sure you give your hair some extra protection before going outside

Hairdryer – hopefully, your umbrella keeps you dry, but this is great to dry your dress and hair

Dry Shampoo – so, the unimaginable has happened and your hair is soaked and flat. Here’s a volume trick: blowdry your hair a little and use extra volume dry shampoo + volumizing spray. Then re-curl and touch up your hair. Obviously, not all hairdos will be saved by this, but for your simple looks, this is a great trick

Shout Wipes – can help to get rid of any stain and I’m not even exaggerating

Rain Boots – if you know it’s going to rain, embrace it with cute rainboots. I recommend blue (for your something blue), white or your wedding color. It could even make for a cute bridal party photo.


Something that I think is important when selecting your photographer is to inquire about their previous experience with the rain or to ask what their contingency plan might be if it did rain. It’s a great idea to make sure your photographer has some experience with a rainy photoshoot and an even better to make sure that you have a few indoor spots that will create a stunning backdrop. An expert photographer will embrace the rain just like you are and create an exciting story surrounding it. Discuss with your photographer your vision – if that’s a moody and dramatic shoot or maybe it’s vibrant and having fun splashing around in the rain. Being on the same page and making sure your vision aligns with the photographer’s style will ensure that a little rain doesn’t put a damper on the big day.

Rainy Wedding Day Tips
Wedding Party Clear Rain Umbrellas

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