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What To Wear for Engagement Pictures


what to wear for engagement pictures

First off, congratulations to you both on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in a couple’s life. You, two adventurous souls, are about to embark on such an amazing journey. You probably are wondering what to wear for engagement pictures. I am here to help with expert tips on what to wear!

But before we get to the big day, you have your engagement photo session! I love these sessions because they are so tailored to each couple. When we send out Save the Dates, you want your family to smile and say: “Oh my gosh, that is SO them.” This means picking out the right outfit for an engagement photo session can be tricky. You want it to be dressed-up, but still you. 

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Not sure what to wear to our upcoming engagement photo session? Here are some tips from experts to help you plan your perfect outfit and What to Wear for Engagement Pictures:

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Dress for Your Body Type

This one is important. You want to be comfortable during your photo session, but still look amazing. We are all uniquely beautiful, so dress to impress based on your body. 


If you are short, be careful with proportions. Choose short dresses or dresses with a high waist to elongate your legs. Always wear heels or a shoe with some height to flatter your body type.


For those of you who are tall, the good news is you probably don’t need heels. But a kitten or medium heel will give you a more feminine look. Don’t choose dresses that are 3/4 long. If you have a long torso, shorten it with high-waisted jeans. If you have mile-long legs, show them off with skinny jeans! 


For Athletic body types, try to choose feminine cuts that will mark your waist. Wear skirts that end at or above the knee. A-line dresses work to create shape too.  


If you have an hour-glass figure, don’t wear dresses that are too flowy or loose. Baggy clothes, in general, can be a bit frumpy unless paired with the right top/bottom. Choose a dress with a bit of cleavage and something you feel comfortable in. Look for tops that emphasize your narrow waist and curvy bust, but avoid shirts that add too much cleavage. Wrap dresses can be very flattering! Look for a curve-hugging skirt that flares like a skater skirt.

Express Your Style

Be yourself. Just a dressed-up version of yourself.
Wear what makes you feel good.


Flowy dresses add a bit of whimsy to your shoot and are always fun to play with. Something to think about is “can I sit down in this dress?” Sometimes certain wrap skirts can pose a problem. But overall, skater skirts, wrap dresses or a billowy skirt adds energy and movement to the image.


I love me a fun print, especially when it’s a floral. There are so many fun prints, but make sure your print is appropriate. Nothing too bright in color, loud or in your face. It will distract from your beautiful faces. Choose a small and subtle pattern. The other caveat with this is only one person should wear a pattern. That means you will have to fight your fiance who has already picked out a plaid shirt for the shoot. 


It looks really nice when you and your beau are wearing coordinated colors. Notice I say coordinated and not matching. Select a palette and build from there. You can never go wrong with neutrals or pastels. Also, avoid more than one piece of clothing being black. Black tends to blend more easily, which can make defining body parts more difficult in an image. Finally, try to avoid bright and fluorescent colors; it’s very distracting in the pictures.


Matching your partner’s style for your photoshoot is important. You have to be on the same page as your partner so you look like you belong together, which you totally do. So, both your styles are important. Be aware of his outfit and try to match the styles. For a casual look with jeans and a nice shirt, bring a cute skirt or a playful midi dress and wear medium heels. And he can dress up for you. If you want to dress to the nines, he can put on a suit to match your elegant dress. 


Pastel will always look beautiful. I wholeheartedly recommend clients sticking to pastels and neutral colors when deciding on their photoshoot outfit. Monochromatic outfits – wearing the different pieces in varying shades of the same color – works so beautifully as well.  

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    Such great tips! Coordinating styles not colors makes the world of a difference.
    I also LOVE flowy dresses for photos. They add so much fun movement!

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