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What Should I Include in Flat Lay Photos?

all the wedding details to include

We love capturing all the little details you’ve carefully chosen to be a part of your wedding day! We recommend choosing a getting-ready location filled with natural light and curating anything of meaning from your day. We’re often asked by brides, “What Should I Include in Flat Lay Photos?”

Now, maybe you’re wondering what exactly is a flat lay is! A flat lay is when we artistically style various meaningful details and then photograph them. They really do tell part of your story, which is why we pay them special detail.

Why Have a Wedding Day Flat Lays?

Flat lays are a nice way to bring together both your style as well as your legacy, all in one spot as a keepsake that lasts beyond your wedding day.

Flat lay photos go nicely to help define the mood and to help set the story of your wedding day and what led up to who you and your fiance are, and why that’s worth communicating to your children one day.

What Should I Include In My Flat Lay?

Of course, you don’t have to include something blue, but the main point stands: include things that are meaningful and speak to your relationship with your history, your relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and your future.

Some good examples include the following:

  • Your invitation suite (we recommend bringing at least two envelopes for styling purposes)
  • Both Sets of Rings, including your engagement ring
  • Jewelry, such as your earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. (this includes any heirlooms)
  • Dinner menu, program, and small items that will be used to decorate the reception area
  • Veil, wedding shoes, floral bouquet, any perfume
  • Groom’s boutonniere, tie, cuff links, shoes, etc.
  • Floral trimmings provide an extra special way to create a cohesive piece of art. Just ask your florist to provide any detail clippings, or floral trimmings, for the morning
  • Any other sentimental items! We’ve seen items such as: gifts to your bridemaids/groomsmen, old pocket watches, sentimental handkerchiefs, heirloom saucer and mug, and more! Feel free to be creative!

For us as a creative team of Minneapolis wedding photographers, we typically follow the same methodical approach each time. We arrive at the girls’ getting-ready space. Hug and congratulate you on this exciting day, and then we get to work. We locate your details, which hopefully are all gathered, and begin to stylize your items. Once we have composed your details, we can move on to your dress, wedding shoes, and bridal bouquet together.

Once the bride is helped into her dress by her mom or sisters, we typically switch over to the Groom to get candids and his details styled.

Bonus Points: Keeping Your Details All Together!

In order to make things run smoothly, we always recommend putting all your small details inside of a small shoebox. You can place your larger details and the shoebox in a larger bag so they’re ready to hand to your photographer! We will directly hand these back to your personal attendant after we are finished.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope this article has been helpful to you as you prepare for your wedding day! Most importantly, we hope you now know “What Should I Include in Flat Lay Photos?” Tell us in the comments below if you have any suggestions for things to include in your flat lay!

We love hearing from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if we can help with anything else!

What should I include in Flat Lay Photos for Wedding

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