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The Blueprints for Styling a Classic Wedding Theme

Planning your dream wedding? Consider a classic wedding theme that will stand the test of time

Classic. It’s a simple word that has so many connotations; rooted in tradition. Built around etiquette. Your favorite Fine Art Publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Weddings, and Magnolia Rouge, feature whimsical and personality-infused “classic” weddings all the time. For those of you wanting to host a truly “classic” vibe, these are the blueprints you need. And they have a little history lesson baked in with a stunning, illustrative shoot from Alexandra Robyn Photo + Design.

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The Classic Styled Bride

A classic bridal style is elegant, yet refined to the times. She is careful about the details, always looks at both the whole and the individual pieces of her look. The main element for a classic bride to consider is the color of the fabric she chooses. Bridal White is the most popular color of choice for the classic bride. Alternative classic hues would include eggshell and ivory, although we believe whole-heartedly that soft blush will soon land on that list.

Next, she considers her silhouette. A-Line & Ballgown are the two cuts that are most commonly used in traditional weddings (though there are a dozen other stunning cuts that can still capture the timeless wedding vibe you are going for).  Satin, Silk and Charmeuse are generally the foundational fabrics. Whereas white lace, tulle and Chiffon are common overlay fabrics that gives that romantic, feminine vibe that a traditionally styled bride is hoping for.

Hair & Makeup Considerations

Beauty should be simple and clean. Opt for a more natural style of make-up, with tones that complement your own skin. I love a Soft Glam style makeup look and recommend:

For your hairstyle, consider a classic updo (a chignon, a french twist, a bun) or kept neat but free-flowing. Something that I personally love if you prefer your hair down is Hollywood Waves. Jewelry can be anything that doesn’t distract from the overall look. Perhaps a simple strand of pearls or a solitaire diamond necklace, and diamond, pearl, or jewel stud earrings. Invest in a beautiful veil to finish the look.

The bottom line for a classic bride is to go for simple, understated elegance that will stand the test of time.

The Classic Styled Groom

A classic groom will be dressed in black tie attire. The color palette of his tuxedo can vary depending on the time of day and the formality of the wedding. However, for the most traditional grooms, it is important that they pay attention to etiquette when choosing what to wear. We found a pretty spot-on chart that will take all of the guesswork out of choosing your menswear – something that should 100% NOT be an afterthought to the bride, but should elevate her look.

The Classic Wedding Theme Styled Invitation

Traditionally, dark ink calligraphy on white cotton paper and a wax seal defined the classic wedding invitation. Investing in Letterpress finishing for your stationery is a worthwhile one when it comes to timelessness. Now, “classic” encapsulates that very foundational style but has permission to play with colors of paper and ink, calligraphic styles and methods of printing.

Classic on a budget, usually requires flat (no texture) or thermography printing (meant to mimic the look of engraving). Stick with white, the palest of grays or ivories and go with a darker ink on the primary pieces. Your best bet if you have elaborate classic invitation dreams but a smaller budget is to go with a larger printing house that specializes in wedding invitations like Minted. However, working with a local stationer like Alexandra Robyn, will always ensure the most unique stationery.

The Classic Wedding Cake

One of the earliest traditions that we know of is rooted in Ancient Rome where a cake of wheat or barley was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple. The cake was considered a luxury and the larger it was, the more wealth you seemingly had. It’s probably a good thing that we have adjusted this tradition over time to sharing a first bite.

To capture the “classic” wedding cake on any budget – stick with a white or lemon flavored cake and vanilla buttercream or with a raspberry, vanilla or lemon filling. Simple decor – from delicate sugar flowers, to silk ribbon or a classic cake topper are a must. I am a proponent of borrowing your parent’s cake topper.

You can really play and still retain that classic look and feel, depending on how you style the cake. More popular flavors are hazelnut, banana, red velvet, chocolate and coconut. A few of our favorite flavor combos?

  • Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate
  • White cake with lemon buttercream and fresh raspberry jam
  • Italian Cream Cake & Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • Champagne Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

The Classic Wedding Bouquet + Florals

While the reasoning behind wedding flowers has taken many a twist and turns – let’s sum it up like this. Florists have utilized flowers, herbs, and plants in wedding celebrations for as long as anyone can remember. Your wedding floral choices are rooted in both meaning and luck – a status of wealth, love, and more. Those flowers are used simply to make a room feel beautiful. Your choice in florist will really depend on your style – whimsical, traditional, etc. There are some great diagrams of bouquet types on Pinterest that will break down a bouquet’s shape. That is the best place to start your research before hiring a florist.

A few of the Absolute Top Florists in the Midwest:

Which flowers to choose

The most classic hues of wedding florals is generally considered white and sprigs of green. White roses, Hydrangeas, Stephanotis, Lilies and orchids have always been considered the most traditional. So, “classic” includes many more varieties. Today’s most popular being Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemones, Garden and Vintage Roses.

The Classic + Timeless Wedding Trends we LOVE to See

Really being successful in defining a classic look for your wedding comes down to a few key elements: Simplicity, Refinement and Elegance. Stick with an all white color palette, choose modest, formal attire and choose florals that feel “rich” no matter what your budget. Finally, let ceremony take center stage. You can find both the grace and elegance in tradition that has been built upon hundreds of years of intention.

But, the single most important element to hosting a classic wedding: love. REAL love. TRUE love. The kid that of love that makes everyone forget about the room entirely, forget about the color of the flowers or the flavor of the cake. And simply focus on the reason that we are having a wedding in the first place.

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